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Texture Thursday: 20 Free Hi-Res Red Grunge Textures

red grunge texture

Today is Texture Thursday – and that means that you get a free set of textures to download! The textures today were shot by both myself and my girlfriend (we’re not sure who shot what – but she swears she did all of the good ones :) ). The texture set includes 20 high resolution red grunge textures which are actually the ground at a tennis court.

Below are screenshots of three of the textures in the set. The size of each image in the set is 3648×2064 so you can virtually use the textures for anything from web designs to printable works like flyers and business cards. Below the screenshots are the download links from Rapidshare and Mediafire.

red grunge texture

red grunge texture

Download from Rapidshare (41.70 MB)

Download from MediaFire (41.70 MB)

Looking for more textures? Check out Design Shard for their awesome textures – you know, I had a set released there a few weeks back and also had another set of yellow grunge concrete textures released this week. I’ve also got free textures on my flickr account that I regularly post. And don’t forget the older free textures I’ve released here.

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